The Soap Nut Packet. It’s All About The Delivery!

21 May

Soap nuts have been in use as an all natural laundry detergent for years, but not until now has an effective delivery method for the saponin containing nuts been devised. The Karma Clean soap nut packet, which contains the nuts during laundering, is made of  a patent pending, bio-degradable film made of corn.

After the nuts have gone through their final wash, just take the 100% bio-degradable corn film packet, nuts and all, and throw it in your composter.

The Soap Nut Packet

A patent pending, 100% biodegradable corn film packet


8 Sep recently published an insightful post on the healthy advantages of using Karma Clean soap nut packets.

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The South Coast Insider Features Karma Clean

2 Jan

We are excited to be featured in the January 2013 issue of the South Coast Insider.


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Karma Clean: Takes All Natural to a Whole New Level

15 Oct

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You can’t fault someone for having an iron clad belief system. Without one we lose our unique personal identity, which is why it is so challenging to alter perceptions that are engrained in the public consciousness, so though you may believe that it takes long stretches of time for dogmas to become engrained in our culture, this really isn’t the case. Consider the influence that mass media juggernauts wield over all of us and the extent to which they can leverage the exposure of their messages through their vast outlets and you can see how a message with the right timing and proper angle can impact our collective consciousness at an infectious rate.

You may be wondering what all of this has to do with soap nut laundry detergent. The people at Karma Clean think it has everything to do with soap nut laundry detergent. Karma Clean is a vision become reality due to the collective efforts of a small group of people who simply want to make the world a healthier, more positive place to exist.

Their success has been fueled by perseverance, desire, and a refined set of core company values. Do you recognize the absence of the word budget here? It’s not here because when compared to some of their big time competitors, budget doesn’t factor into their process of developing recognition in the marketplace. Karma Clean is building its business the old fashioned way, by getting out into the community, talking to people, demonstrating to them what an all natural product really looks like, and empowering them to take control of their buying decisions. Continue reading

Karma Clean Tri-Fold Brochure

20 Jul

Karma Clean, The Only All-Natural Laundry Detergent

7 Jun

Most retail laundry detergents use chemicals which are derived from petroleum, i.e., nono-phenols, which have been outlawed in Europe. Throw in viscosity builders, kelating agents, UV stabilizers, anti-microbial additives, chemically processed fragrances and a lot of water, and you have one nasty chemical brew-ha-ha on your hands.

So, consider this, you wash your clothes in this nasty stuff and it leaves a residue on the clothing, which you then in turn drape against your skin all day. More than likely you wash your sheets and pajamas in the same chemical stew, so this potentially toxic residue is in perpetual contact with your skin. Not good!

Even “natural” laundry detergents still use some questionable chemistry. Sure, many “natural” detergents use only “natural” ingredients, but have you ever considered the chemical processes that these ingredients must undergo in order to make them viable components of the finished product—these processes are probably not what you would expect.

Karma Clean is the 100% all-natural, alternative laundry detergent. Why would you use anything else?

Karma Clean is the only all natural alternative laundry detergent

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5 More Excellent Reasons To Love Karma Clean

23 May

Karma Clean…

  1. Is a natural fabric softener
  2. Naturally neutralizes foul odors
  3. Leaves no residues like typical detergents
  4. Is beneficial to septic systems and is greywater cleaning
  5. Wash Packets are reusable. Each packet does 3-5 Washes

A Happy Buddha Spot Removal Tip

22 May

Open a Happy Buddha Packet and soak the contents in hot water to make a concentrate for spot or stain removal.

Who Knew, Karma Clean Is Good For Your Wallet Too?

21 May
Karma Clean is the most economical laundry detergent on the market

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Not only is karma Clean the uberist eco-friendly laundry detergent on the market, at just 17 cents per load of laundry it’s the most economical too.

Karma Clean Will Help Prolong the Life of Your High Efficiency Washing Machine

15 May

Karma Clean’s low sudsing cleaning helps prolong the life of High Efficiency Washing Machines and works well in cold water to further reduce your laundry’s carbon footprint.

World map of countries by ecological footprint

World map of countries by ecological footprint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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